Frequently Asked Questions

Under What Circumstances Should I Hire A Lawyer?

If you are accused of committing a crime, charged with drunk driving (DUI), or party to a lawsuit, you definitely need a lawyer. You should contact a lawyer right away, especially if there are witnesses to interview and/or evidence to gather. A lawyer can also help you avoid legal problems, as well. A lawyer can help you avoid legal issues that may arise due to changes in laws or if any other legal complications arise.

If stopped for a DUI should you take a chemical test?

Yes. Willful failure to take a chemical test will result in the forfeiture of your drivers license for a year. Even if you are found not guilty of the DUI for which you were stopped, California’s Implied Consent Law states you must submit to a test if requested by law enforcement.

What is the difference between taking a blood or breath test?

That is a difficult question without a clear cut answer. The breath test may give rise to a greater number of issues if you want to contest the results. However, it cannot be retested by the defense at a later date. The advantage to the blood test is that is can be retested if necessary by the defense.

You’ve just been arrested – What should you do?

It is crucial that you maintain your 5th amendment right to remain silent until you have a chance to speak to a lawyer. Despite what you may think, is not likely you will be able to explain your way out of the situation and your attempts to do so may lead to irreparable damage. Contact a lawyer immediately to protect your rights and fight for you. It cannot be stressed enough that the quality of your representation has a direct effect on the outcome of your case.

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