About Us

Law Offices of Paul Richard Peters

The Law Offices of Paul Richard Peters is here to fight for what may be the most critical crisis you may ever face – the loss of your freedom and way of life.


If you or your loved one is convicted of a crime, your family, your career, and your future may be jeopardized forever. The Law Offices of Paul Richard Peters wants the most successful outcome for you, with the least amount of inconveniences or disruptions to your life.


We understand  life and obligations can be harsh, which is why in most cases, we can handle all appearances without you ever having to be present in court.


The Law Offices of Paul Richard Peters will extensively investigate and analyze the facts of your case, and explore all plausible legal defenses to develop a strategy specifically designed for your best possible outcome.


We charge a flat fee for most cases, right up to trial, and you can reach me directly by calling (213) 973-6040 for a free confidential consultation about your rights, and the potential legal defenses relating to your case.


I look forward to speaking with you.


Paul Richard Peters II, Esq., M.B.A.