Testimonials & Recent Victories

Law Offices of Paul Richard Peters, Esq. M.B.A.

We are successful in Murder, Robbery, Assault, and many other serious felony cases – Contact Us Now to discuss your legal options.

F. Rodriguez, Inglewood:  Kidnapping, Assault w/Firearm, Criminal Threats Trial – Not Guilty

A. Barragan.  LA Central (CCB):  Murder (2x) Charges Dropped After Investigation & Argument

J. Aguas, Long Beach:   Murder – Attempted Murder (2x) Gang Allegations Not Convicted

M. Long, Westminster:  Child Abuse & Endangerment Plea Deal: Classes (No Jail or Prison)

M. Black, LA Central (CCB):  Robbery, Assault & Battery Case Dismissed

S. Flores, Santa Ana: Battery Case Not Filed at Arraignment, after extensive pre-filing efforts by attorney

Note: Results on cases are not a guarantee of results in your case. Each case must be evaluated on its own merits. Beware of any attorney or person who guarantees you a result in your case.

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